Thursday, July 14, 2011

Otter Falls and Big Creek Falls

July 4th was spent on the trail by the three Triple H'ers--along with our faithful trail dogs Bella and Pito.  We have been wanting to see otter falls and big creek since we saw it last year on the WTA site.  It's long --10 miles round trip--but no real elevation gain so it was really just a nice long walk along the Taylor river and then deeper past creeks to the falls.  Very simple to find which is a nice change for us!  It is on the way to mail box...our dream hike this summer.  Everyone talks about how the road out there is filled with potholes and it took them an hour to hour and a half to meet the trail head....we found it not all that bad.  I do have a truck that is prepared for off road conditions, but still it took us 40 minutes to do the 12 miles....not a stunning speed, but I was prepared for a horrible road that was almost impassable.  Yes, leaving there were the people going 40+MPH...on the average I went 30-35 with spots slowing down to 10-15 to avoid the potholes.  We went very early in the morning so I could have the entire road to avoid all the potholes.  I really hope they don't pave this road as they have been talking.  Just a nice grating is all is really needs.

Once you hit the trail, it will fork about .35-.4 miles in, take the right/straighter path.  Left goes to Rooster mountain.  After that it's pretty easy.  At the next fork follow the sign to Snoqualmie Lake.  Ran into loads of people coming and/or going for an overnight hike.  I read a review that a nice guy put up a sign to Otter Falls, but all we found was the carving into the sign of the tree and a pile of rocks on the left...someone must have taken the rude.  The left to the falls is around 4.5 miles. The only real elevation is here going up the the falls.  We were all surprised how how HUGE the falls were.  The pictures really do not do it's size justice and we were please we hiked out to see it.  After that it's just a short .5 miles to Big Creek Falls.  We had lunch here, basked in the sun for an hour and turned around.  The trail was a little muddy and we had to rock hop across a few creeks but nothing seriously difficult.  Very pretty trail and should we need something nice and easy, we shall return.

Jen at Big Creek Falls

Triple H at Big Creek

Taylor River

You'll find this bridge at 3.5 miles

Rock hopping

Up to Otter!

Look for this!! other than rocks at the base, this is the only indication to otter

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