Thursday, July 14, 2011

Hurricane Hill

Almost forgot to add this!  We stopped for a quick trip up Hurricane Hill.  Total round trip is 3 miles so the site says.  We never got to the top.  It was too foggy and cloudy.  Since no view and we wanted to get to our cabin in Forks as it was getting late we decided to turn around.  But it was so beautiful up there, we wanted to share our snaps!  We hope to return on a nicer day as I am sure the views would be breathtaking as we were amazed by what we could see!  Enjoy!  Oh, you'll have to pay $15 to get up here.......but it's worth it.  Easy drive...just put it in low on the way down and watch for other drivers.  Some may be too busy looking at deer and other wildlife to watch where they are driving!

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