Sunday, April 22, 2012

Granite Lakes

The weather was amazing and we felt like getting to something pretty, but close.  Right now there is still loads of snow everywhere, but we've been wanting to sink our teeth into Granite Lakes.  It is really easy to find--I-90, exit 34, left at the end of the ramp. After the truck stop, take a right onto middle fork road.  It will split into a Y and you can go either way, we like the left and follow the river.  If you take a left, you will come to a stop sign.  Take a left and you are almost there.  Just at the end of the paved area will be the trail head for Mailbox.  Wave at the crazies...and you will find the trail head to Granite lakes about  .20  miles on the right.  Look for the blue gate.  We parked on the side of the road as there were already 3 cars there at 9:30 AM.  Make sure you have your discovery pass displayed and head up.   You really can't get lost, the trail is wide and obvious.  About 4 miles up the dirt turns to snow and it get deep fast.  We packed our snowshoes as we read the trip report from April 15th.  We got to the Y for Thompson Lake and Granite Lakes.  We shoe'd a little more to get to 5 miles and decided to stop and have lunch next to Mailbox Peak.
The lakes were about another mile away (the mileage was a bit off calling this a 10 mile hike...we think it's at least at 12) but with the view we had we decided to turn around and head back. I am sure the lakes were beautiful but 10 miles was enough for one day.  The snow was getting super soft and it felt more like ice skating instead of snow shoeing.  Amazing day, amazing lunch, amazing company!  It felt great to get out and stretch the legs.  Can't wait to tackle this again and get to the lakes.

looking down the trail heading to the lakes

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Cedar Butte

Yes, we are alive!! We haven't had a chance to get out much lately! Not that we haven't wanted to get out and hit the gets in the way sometimes!

We wanted something close and quick as it was Easter weekend and we had many things to do before Sunday.  Cedar Butte seemed to fit the bill.   We tracked it at 4 miles round trip and took us no time at all to get up and down.   Easy to find as it is the trail head to the John Wayne Trail.  I-90, exit 32, take a right at the end of the ramp and keep driving til you can't anymore.  You will need the discovery pass.  Have you written on you second license plate number yet?  We LOVE that we can share between 2 vehicles now!!!

Okay once you get on the John Wayne trail, the trail head for Cedar Butte is about a mile up just after Boxwood creek on the right.  It starts up pretty good.  Yes, there are little signs pointing the way.  We actually took a left instead of a right as this is a loop.  We found going left at the sign was a little more direct and had more elevation, which we love.  We want a little workout after all.  We did take the blowout loop on the way back.   It is a pretty little trail along the way as well.  We were the only ones on the trail until our way back.  Good trail conditions.  Not too muddy.  Someone has been up there removing any trees that fell with winters ice storm.  (Thank you!!!)  Lots of people, lots of dogs.  Please leash your dog.  That's all we will say about that.

Okay, here's some pics.  Please note the newest 4 legged member of the Triple H'ers!

Meet Pippin!