Sunday, February 20, 2011

A return to Mount Margaret

We were so excited to see that we had a beautiful weekend coming up.  We didn't feel like a super long drive so we decided on a return trip to Mount Margaret.  It was a perfect day for such a climb in snow shoes.  Tons of snowmobiles in the area and they could be heard all day long zooming up and down the mountains.  We did have to share the trail with them, but once we go to the trail head and through the gate we only ran into 1 the smallest part of the trail of course and they were so thoughtful enough to spray a little snow in our faces...thanks boys.  (but the sign says they aren't supposed to be there....)  But even with them we had an amazing day.  This is NOT for newbies....the trail is super wide and easy...but it's steep and gets steeper still.  By my GPS it was a total of 4.79 from parking lot to summit.   Another reason it's not for newbies.  Here are our pics.....great views at the top!!  If it's super nice and all blue skies....this is highly recommended!  Just bring extra water...Margaret is a thirsty bitch!

We geared up once we got to the turn off and away from I90

Great view for a lunch stop don't you think?

summit in sight!!!

Success!! At the top!!