Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Annette Lake

Well we haven't blogged much lately although we have been pretty busy out on the trail despite our lovely Pacific Northwest weather.  Let's see we went up Mt Si again the traditional way after we tried to go up via the Tenerrife Road.  Tenerrife road was a total bust as there was too much snow and fog on the gloomy day we went...we never found the path connecting to Si as we were post holing up to our knees and couldn't see with all the fog not to mention....slipping and pulling muscles.  Although we did meet a fellow hiker full of stories and knowledge....never did get his name, but he was a great guy! 

But you are here for Annette Lake aren't you?  So let's get going!!  We bought our year pass.....so remember to get yours fellow hikers!  You'll need a pass for Annette Lake and $30 for the year is a great deal.  Ok Annette Lake trail head is super easy to find.  Off of I-90 exit 47.  Right at the end of the ramp.  Left onto the dirt road it will be on your right about .3 miles.  Trail head is on the right after a closed road just before the entrance to the nature trail loop--which is worth a look and only adds a mile. 

It's easy to find Annette Lake...so no worries there.  Moderate hike, easy footing trail.  Things to know:  2 trees across the trail but easy enough to climb under/over them.  Snow across the trail through the avalanche tubes.  Poles would have been nice just for those but not necessary. Lake is still frozen but does have a few open spots.  Lots of waterfalls.  We ate lunch by the lake listening to the sounds of those waterfalls.  So relaxing and just what we needed to get back to happy thoughts after a tough work week! 

Can't wait to return once the snow is gone and wild flowers are out!  This is on a favorite list.  We also go to see our very favorite mountain--Granite. We could hear it whispering our names....but we'll wait for the snow to melt again!