Sunday, July 24, 2011


We've been wanting to attempt Mailbox Peak and kick it's tail....we've heard so much about it.  None of the hype was's a 3 mile stairmaster from HELL, but so worth it once you get there.  360 degree views and a sense of real accomplishment is what you will find at the top.  Not to mention even more of a sense of accomplishment once you get back to your car as the trip down is as hard as the way up.  It's the mountain that never lets you relax! 

Things to know:  get a discovery pass for this trail as it is a DNR trail.  (Yeah we weren't thrilled either!)  Start early especially on a nice, sunny, cloudless day like we had and bring poles for the way down.  (We didn't need the poles for the way up at all.)  The trail head is up past the gate, some people seemed a little confused.  The start of the trail is a left (that skinny winding path just to the left of the board with very little on it.) and just start heading up! I hope you are in shape if you start up is all I am going to say.....


  1. This was a great hike! It was my very first time hiking, and I loved it. Can you recommend any others in the area?

  2. Your FIRST hike was Mailbox peak?!?! Wow Erik, you have our respect. Ours was Mt. Si. It's steep but very can do it the back way via Mount Teneriffe road. We've done that one. If you want something close to Mailbox's steep grade, try Mount Teneriffe via Kamakazi Falls--Both can be found on the WTA site. Our very favorite hike is Granite Mountain Lookout, but don't recommend it right now as it is still covered in snow the last 1000' of elevation. It's our favorite hike and we plan to go at it again later this summer. Check our our pics earlier in the blog for Granite...there's nice pics of it.

  3. Great trip report ! And it definitely looks like a steep one...The toughest hike I have done so far is:

    But this seems to top the elevation per mile quotient.