Saturday, January 1, 2011

Summer Hightlights

Mt Si was attacked first! 

we loved the mile markers......

Haystack NOT attempted, we were rookies

Then there was Snow and Source Lakes (waterfall heaven!)

July and ice was not out on Snow Lake

Source Lake (name as it is the source for the snoqualmie river)
Then there was Granite....our favorite hike.  It's HELL and STEEP but so worth it once you get to the top!  We plan on going back.  Will love going when the flowers are in bloom.  The thing about Granite that killed me?  Small airplane and helicopters flew BELOW us when we near the top. How crazy is that?!?

yes, loads of swearing was heard on these switchbacks

avalanche tunnel! scary thought!

all blueberries!

now you know where we got our title page!

final destination in sight! relief!

Next was Dirty Harry Lookout.  We never made it all the way up.  Terah wanted to bring Madison, her very old Lab.  Madison heart was in it, but not the hips, so we turned around for the pooches well being....and so we wouldn't have to carry that 70 pound horse back down.  We'll go back and finish it next summer.  It's a short and easy hike. 

This is Madison......swimming

Then we revisited Snow Lake in October.  It turned out to be a rainy, cold day.  We never made it to Gem Lake like we wanted, but.....yes another day when it is warmer and hopefully drier!  But we made it all the way down to the lake as in July there was too much snow and we didn't own gaiters back then.  (Only Terah owns those right now....I got to catch up!!)

anything you can do to keep warm! even if it's fake!

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