Sunday, January 9, 2011

Mount Margret Snowshoe

We braved the weather reports and went for another snowshoe yesterday.  We cracked out on the WTA website and found something that looked decent.  Mount Margret is in the same snow park as Gold Creek Trail, but they go in opposite directions.  It's easy to find but here are some tips:
  • Exit 54, take left at the end of the ramp.  Take right after the freeway entrance. Follow the road until the end.
  • You can not park in the large turn around.  The sign high up in the trees is what you have to park ahead of to avoid the $150 ticket for parking in the turn around.  It's really out of sight, so look for it.
  • This is a trail shared with snowmobile's, so if you want peace and quiet this is not the trail for you. They will be speeding by all day. We even saw 2 quad runners (that we not supposed to be using the trail.)
  • The entrance for Mount Margret is kind of tricky.  At the 2.2 to 2.5 mile mark the path will split.  The left is what you want to choose and it goes UP more.  (The right stays level)  You will find the parking area on your left and the entrance for the trail head is 100 yrs up to the left, you will see the gate.
  • This trail has a lot more elevation gain than Gold Creek, so be prepared for that.  If this is your first snowshoe it may not be for you. It is not difficult as the trail is groomed, but as Barb who joined us today, said this trail was not what she would choosen for a first trip to the mountains for her first snowshoe.


Bunny tracks!

 We found a really nice meadow to play around in....great views....and we even go a light snow to fall!

Barb steamin up the camera lens

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