Sunday, January 23, 2011

Hex Mountain Snowshoe

Ok, this is embarrassing, but we didn't make it to the summit of Hex.  We lost the trail after 1.3 miles and spent over an hour looking around using a compass (following N and NE as instructed by the gals review on Dec 31) After reading a review from Feb 2010 it appears we were supposed to take a right at .4 miles and then a left .1 miles after that......oh well.  We'll just have to go back.  But we can tell you how to get to trail head......

  • The sno park is on the left side of the road at Newport Creek about at the 9 mile road marker.  There are a few signs.  It is just a plowed area next to the road for maybe a dozen cars.  We were expecting it to be bigger/wider so we kept driving.  I'll include a picture of a sign.....hope it helps
  • It may be hard to know where to find the actual trail head as there are a few areas that may look like FR 116.  We got there around 10 AM  and there were not a lot of spaces left.  We had to pull up on the snow bank itself to get out of the road, but we were between the sno park signs.  

  • The trail head is across from a very bent white Newport Creek sign.  It is a slight walk down the road on the right side.  It is a very wide path with a gate a ways up.  We carried our shoes up until we got up to the gate.  
 The snow was not that great as it had rained making the snow very crusty.  We had a hard time seeing where anyone had snowshoed before us.....just an old path.  Anyone who went up before us, we could not see even the cleat marks so this may explain why we missed the right trail.  But we are newbies after all.  We plan on going back and fixing our mistakes and making it to the top.  It wasn't a total loss as we made the best of the situation.  A bad day of great views and great company is better than any day at work if you ask us!!!  (and we did climb a great rock pile and made our own summit!)

Joining us today: Barbara and Danielle

Terah, Barbara, Danielle, Jen

If you are here, you went the wrong direction.....

Huge hill, but at the top a great view

Went sliding on a few hills for fun

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  1. cool! I hiked on the Annette Lake trail on Sunday and there was soo much snow! trying to find a place with less snow this weekend, maybe we'll give Rattlesnake a try! thx!