Sunday, October 23, 2011

Anti Aircraft

Sorry we haven't posted lately!! Getting lazy keeping up with our hikes! This one was from October 8th.  We needed a quick hike and the weather wasn't going to be great so getting a view wasn't priority. We decided on Anti Aircraft.  Now you can follow the instructions and stop at the gate etc etc but you can actually drive up to park, grab a map and walk around the many weaving trails.  That's what we ended up doing as no one has bothered to report this....The million dollar view was so-so.  Our million dollar view will always be from the meadow on Granite Mountain.  We haven't found a better sight yet in our opinion.  The trails that we followed were fun, we found a old coal pit, clay pit and almost went the cave holes, but Terah's mom was getting tired as we were walking her legs off.  If you just want a nice walk following some trails to check out the old coal mining areas, this would be good fun for you.

old bear markings 

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