Sunday, September 25, 2011

Margaret Lake

We needed a short hike with decent elevation for this hike as we had a member who had to be back earlier in the day.  We have done the snow shoe to Mount Margaret so we thought since we new the area, this would be a nice place to check out. This is a little shorter than the WTA lists it for miles.  We had 2.8 miles to the lake.  It is a nice little find. We arrived at the trail head about 9:30.  Since this was a hike for free day, the parking lot had about 6 cars already.  Lots of broken glass in the parking lot--including what looked to be from a car window--making us nervous that this might have had some break-ins in the past.  The road to the parking area--not as bad as everyone was making out.  It may have improved and we do drive in a truck most days, but we had no problems at all.

Be mindful of the left you need to take to get to the trail to Margaret and Lillian Lake.  We were under the impression that we would be going the same way to Mount Margaret when we do the snow shoe there last year.  There is a marker and sign that is hard to read on the tiny turn.  The trail then becomes thin and rocky in places as you head up to the ridge.  We read that there are slippery areas with dirty and pine needles, but found none of the areas a problem.  About 2.1 miles you find the split to Lillian and Margaret is about .7 miles down--and it is pretty steep.  The lake is clear, clean and cold.  Bella enjoyed her swim.  One fisherman was there already, but had to pick up as our dogs and a group behind us with 2 more dogs started playing in the water.  Found a great place to park it and enjoy lunch.  Dogs and hikers happy with the choice today.  Total time 4 hours mostly spent at the lake.  Took most of our trail pictures on the way back to the trail head.  No problems with break ins.  There was a truck that did drive up where it was HIKING ONLY.

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