Thursday, April 21, 2011

Poo Poo Point, Issaquah WA

Once again, we were looking for a nice elevation gain with no snow.  Poo Poo Point is what we decided....Monika's choice this time!  Although, I think she was second guessing herself about 2 miles in as no one really talks about the steepness of this trail!  The view is worth every second, so don't get scared away.  Now a few things to know about Poo Poo.  The start is a little tough to find.  Once you get on to Second Street follow that to SE Evans and take a right.  You will find a little parking area to the right after the stop sign.  You will also hear the gun club!  Follow the fence around the softball field. Stay by the fence!!! (We didn't and got ourselves a little side trip away from everything and loads of puddles and mini lakes to go around! Not to mention someone living in a tent out there!)  So stay by the fence until you get to the far side of the school and then take the fork to the main path.  There is a yellow gate to go around.  (If you see a gate that you can only crawl under and then a bunch of junked out've gone the wrong way....we go the wrong way alot! lol)  After you get on the trail, it's an easy find....lots of signs...lots of cool little bridges.  Not too many hikers out, which may have been due to the mud.  Wear higher boots and if you own gaiters, I suggest them.  It's slippery and muddy as all hell!

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