Sunday, April 3, 2011

Little Si, North Bend WA

After watching all the weather reports, we decided on a short, easy hike.  Little Si was what we decided on.  Plus there is always the loop to add 1.5 miles if we needed a little something extra.  We arrived early at 9:30 and had to park in the overflow parking lot a little further from the trail head.  Not too many people on our way up and it was an easy hike to the peak.  Lots of mud, but no snow.  Wearing gaiters was a great idea by Terah.  I haven't bothered buying a pair.....but will soon.  On the way back down, loads of hikers heading up with their dogs.  It was almost a dog parade! :)  We planned on hitting a loop--even started up--between the river coming down the loop trail....and yes it was a river flowing....added with the rain we decided to turn back and head to the truck.  Pito gets cold fast and we didn't want him all miserable.  Back to the parking lot, we were 'hunted' for our parking lot.  Loads of people wanting to head up for a quick hike.  5 miles total, took us 2 hrs 7 minutes.  Pito enjoyed his spring training..........

Rock climbing anyone?

Mountain dog!

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