Sunday, February 12, 2012

Hex, The Return

Last January, Terah, myself and 2 of our friends went to Hex only to never find the correct trail.  This time, Terah and I, armed with a green trail map app, a compass and a whole lot of determination we found the correct way.  Before you head out to attempt Hex, be IN SHAPE.  It's is tough and steep and will break your will....and we've done some steep hikes like Mailbox Peak. 

Getting there was easy enough.  The directions on the WTA are perfect.  We pulled in at 9:45AM at the parking area (no sno park pass needed!!!) and were the only ones there.  Actually we saw no one all day.  We could hear the snowmobiles in the distance, but never saw another person all day. 

Now, we know where we went wrong from last year so let's hope we help you.  The trail head is a little ways north from the plowed out area right after the creek on the east side of the road.  It does have a small plowed out area that was rather muddy and rocky then up towards the yellow gate.  Snowmobiles have blazed a nice little trail for us a few days before.  We found the conditions very good--plenty of snow, packed nicely with a soft yet wet snow on top.   The trail starts out UP and be prepared for it to stay that way for the most part.  As you go UP the trail will turn softly to the right, then left, the give you a little breather of a flat-ish area.  Now here's where we made the mistake last time. The trail will look obvious going to the left on a sharp not go this way.  Follow the trail to the right/straight area.  This is the forest road.  Take out your compass and stay NE.  After this fork, it will be pretty simple.  We actually had no problems and were quite proud of the fact we never lost our way.  You will need to go north for a bit, but do not worry. The trail will pull you back NE.  We made it to the Hex Mountain sign, did a little victory dance, took a picture to show off and then the trail got interesting.  Yes, it's a stair master from hell at times.  Just keep plodding away.  We can only imagine how amazing the views would have been if we didn't have such a cloudy and foggy day. There is one area that will look like you can go no further just along a ledge.  You will need to go down and to the left and back into the trees.  After that, just keep going back up until you get to the clear cut area, take a breather and head back into the trees leading you to the ridge.

It took us 3 hours up and 1.5 hours down.  Terah pulled the sled up and we slid most of the way down.  It would have been quite a sight if any other hikers were out and about.  We certainly had LOADS more fun on the way down!  It was just what we needed after hard and hectic work weeks.  It took the fight right out of both of us, but left us with a real sense of accomplishment! 

We plan to go back this summer sometime on a nice, clear day to see the views we missed!  So long for now Hex, but don't will see us again!!

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